Six years ago Jessica was at the top of her game as one of the tequila industry’s most influential professionals, sought out by Forbes Magazine for her insights on the industry and tasting notes, until the day she was rear ended while sitting at a stop light at 85mph; her life was forever changed.
Ten months later, Jessica found herself trying to figure out how to rebuild her life and her career. Stumbling on a job post in her local Colorado town, she applied and the rest is history. That job has since become her new passion and career in the world of Hemp and Cannabinoid related products.
In the years since, Jess has set out to be the standard in the industry, by introducing processes and protocols in business from her tequila experience and applying them to the world of Hemp and hemp related products. 
Believing wholeheartedly in safety first and consumer satisfaction above all else, Jessica endeavors to set the bar for awareness, knowledge and professionalism in a new and unregulated industry, so that those who engage in business with her, see nothing but success on the other side of any government sanctions, regulations or requirements and continue to grow their Cannabis and Hemp businesses for years to come successfully.
Jessica has in recent years stood on stages for medical symposiums and industry events from Mexico to Barcelona, teaching the finer points of compliance and encouraging each and every participant to operate with excellence implementing  impeccable standards without compromise.
Jessica currently operates as Compliance Officer for Cannabidiol Life, Compliance Officer for The Affinity Patients Advocacy Group, Is C0-Founder of the National Cannabis Diversity Counsel and Alliances, is the Compliance Officer for the World CBD Awards, and is the CEO of, a brand new venture! 
Always on fire, and always one step ahead, she makes it her mission to change the quality of life for many, one plant at a time. 
Jason Tropf

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Accolades: Forbes Communication Council member.

Founder Cannabis 10x

• Thought Leader & Cannabis Influencer

• Owner Franchise 500 Brand

• Forbes Communication Council: Cannabis Growth Hacks

• Executive Franchise Broker

• Chief Marketing Officer RSVP Franchise

Holly A. Ford

Holly A Ford is a partner in the first Cannabis/Hemp-only Business Brokerage in the United States – Cannabis 10X. She is the Founder and CEO of International Business Brokerage, Zarian Firm; an Award-winning franchise developer; contributor to multiple publications on business acquisitions, investments and franchising; and the Co-Anchor of West420 News.
Ford is the best-selling author of Create Your Own Wealth – A Collection of Two-Minute Topics on Franchising and her new book on cannabis; Exploit the Magic of Cannabis, will be released on November 30th, 2019.
As a Trainer and Keynote Speaker. Ford employs the rich resources and stunning business success of Tony Robbins, and Bert and John Jacobs (Life is Good), to infuse individuals and business owners with the transformational power that creates real success.

Ford’s mission is to “Empower Humanity with Creative Force”. She is the co-founder of Freedom Flower, a powerful organization that focuses on ‘Just Laws’ and true freedom for all of humanity. In the business sector, she has ignited an initiative to leverage businesses world-wide as a social entrepreneurial catalyst for global change through her program ‘Impact Franchising.’

How do you exponentially grow your brand and create more wealth with less involvement? Franchising.

  • What are the 3 essential elements needed to franchise?

  • Discover the advantages of Franchising vs Licensing

  • Know the 5 mandatory steps needed for a successful franchise venture

  • See why Company Stores earn less than franchisees

  • Real Wealth: Why franchising eliminates the need for capital

Dr John



Trauma, severe anxiety, ADHD, bipolar disorder, social anxiety, emotional issues, depression, autism, and conduct disorder. People who are suffering from emotional issues are most likely also experiencing multitude of anxiety and a lack of self-confidence. Many of these people have never actually experienced happiness in their life as they go from one negative effect to another never knowing their true self because of all these subconscious emotionally based issues.

Coming from a therapy perspective, as a Doctor in psychology, many if not all the clients have never really experienced normalcy and way of feelings and emotions and allots they have all had issues been emotionally very few ever experience true normalcy without some sort a side effect the medication. The current medications are prescribed to a majority of people in this world do very little to help them overcome the issues that they are experiencing but instead bring on a whole list of side effects to add on to their current symptomology thus adding to the stress in their lives.

Hemp derived CBD oil since its introduction has been easing the suffering and symptoms millions of people are going through in their lives. Let’s not confuse Regular CBD oil with synthetic CBD oil that is made by pharmaceutical companies which has been proven to add a whole list of medical issues to people who take it including but not limited to severe liver issues. Synthetic CBD oil is not the miracle cure that all the marketing ads are portraying it to be so don’t be fooled by marketing companies and their lives.

Rich Wilens

CBD is projected to be a 22 billion dollar business in a few years. Now is the time to jump on board. The right way.

Disclaimer. The DFYCBD store is a step by step video, audio and textbook offering a complete SOP: standard operating procedure that is the guideline to profiting from a Retail and online CBD business. I have personally created every aspect by on the job training.  I know from experience, not theory like others teach, how to make a profit with CBD. I am sharing my secrets with you. Even though your results may vary, if you follow this program with my coaching, your one step closer to a 6 to 7 figure business.

I started two years ago with one bottle of CBD at a local farmers market and within 6 months used my business savvy to create an awesome retail brick and mortar CBD store that profited the first day. DFYCBD: (done for you CBD store) was created and has been called the benchmark for profiting from Everything CBD. We profit from having an online and offline presence, white label and an affiliate site. We profit from our own formulations as well as top tier products.

I learned what it requires to mentor and coach while working for, an affiliate internet marketing platform that gave me the opportunity to evolve and create a webinar format, help create the back end of a Billion Dollar Internet Marketing platform, work closely with the President and founder: E. Brian Rose and personally producing the yearly World Famous Marketing Mayhem Live, a conference that featured 1000’s of attendees and feature the top internet marketers in the world on our stage

Working from the inception of JVZoo, I helped grow the business to gross over 550 Million Dollars, paying over 250 million to affiliates in three years. When I left in September of 2016, the company exceeded one billion in sales with affiliates sales of over 500 million dollars paid out.


Tangy Daniel

“Tangy Daniel is the CEO of Jayn Green and Chairwoman Of the Board for The Georgia Cannabis Coalition. She specializes in International Cannabis Education, and has a wealth of cannabis knowledge in compliance to increase wellness and profitability.”

Shawn Valor

  1. Total THC’s effect on a farmer of hemp for CBD oil
  2. Reasons for hemp going over Total THC
  3. Effective growing strategies around Total THC
  4. The reality of what U.S. growers are going through under Total THC
  5. The exact number your plant has to come in under to pass the Total THC formula

Shawn Valor is a seasoned copywriter, published content creator, Award winning consultant from GHP, and novel-writing entrepreneur with 6 novels under development. He is a Master Luthier at Brute Force guitars with over 100 guitars, basses, and mandolins crafted by him. He is a knowledgeable workaholic now with 5 years experience in working in the Hemp growing Industry as an expert adviser to help make a safe and profitable yield for his clients. He partnered with Dr. John O’Connor PhD. to create a book known as Farming Industrial Hemp: Not Your Daddy’s Tobacco to help growers avoid the common issues that plague fields from what we’ve seen. We have partnered again for a book on the ultimate guide for state laws on Hemp and CBD oil to help all understand what each laws means whether grower, processor, or traveler. He has wowed audiences at the Southern Hemp Expo as a speaker representing the national event. He’ll be making appearances as a speaker at the Dallas Hemp Expo, Memphis Mid-South Hemp Fest, Greenlight Festival in Hong Kong, The Lucky Leaf Hemp tour in Dallas/Houston/Austin, and the Michigen IHemp Expo. He works as a writer and content creator at Screen Rant, The Gamer, Movieplus, and Game Rant coming up with articles around your favorite media franchises and twisting them into a brand new light.

He is an activist in the CBD industry to help get beneficial regulations for this tricky plant. His seminar Total THC: A CBD Grower’s Nightmare highlights the issues surrounding Total THC and how it completely limits the possibilities of flower variety growing, and how to grow a crop to get around it. With the Looming 2020 USDA Interim Rules, Shawn Valor has helped Dr. John O’Connor and multiple hemp associations come up with comments to help the CBD industry thrive under their Total THC plan. He has written content and articles in hemp/CBD Event anthology books such as at CBD.IO for their country wide tour.

George Hou

Geoge Hou has experienced all aspects of manufacturing — from conception to branding, marketing, and packaging — and he understands what it takes to stay true to what YOU want, and how to communicate with the people you’ll be working with. He’ll use his years of experience in the business to navigate you through the process to guide you through it all, with exceptional humor and entertainment to boot.

  • What certifications to look for in a contract manufacturer?
  • Trends in CBD
  • Patterns of growth for other herbal ingredients
  • How to differentiate your product to build your passionate tribe.

 With over two decades of experience in complementary medicine, George Hou’s journey started in 1998.  It started by the founding of an alternative medicine company, that turned into the largest manufacturer of bio-magnetics in the USA.


George’s latest endeavor is Myco Sativa.  This premium brand combines the 2 fastest growing trends in nutrition today-  CBD and medicinal mushrooms.  With insights gained from his dual cGMP certified manufacturing company, Ingenuity Beverages, George aims to create a unique nutritional experience the marketplace has not yet seen.